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    Las Vegas Nevada
    Floor Removal
    Industrial To Residential
    • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
    • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
    • State Of The Art Equipment
    • Decades Of Experience
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      A General Overview
      If you are looking to change your flooring or simply remove and old one, we are here to help!
      Our team at Floor Removal Las Vegas is ready to take on any challenge you have for us! Whether it be the preparation of a concrete slab for a coating or the simple removal of a residential flooring system, our team is here for you!
      We specialize in the removal of flooring in the industrial, commercial and residential settings with state of the art equipment and a hardworking team dedicated to removing 100% of the flooring as well as any residues that have been left behind. We are able to remove traditional flooring options like tile, carpet, and vinyl to prepare your home for new flooring and even offer the service of epoxy removal in all settings. Our team can prepare concrete surfaces, scarify concrete and remove all debris from the job site at your convenience. Down below, you will find everything that you need to know!
      Process Of Floor Removal
      The Process Of Floor Removal
      What we do for your project

      01. Options

      Our team will start by going over a few of our options for the flooring you want to be removed. We will work with you to find the most efficient method for your schedule and flooring of choice.

      02. Evaluation

      The next step will be a walkthrough of the home or property to give you a timeframe of completion for the project. Commercial projects can be completed faster than some residential projects.

      03. Execution

      We get to work! In most cases, our team can remove up to 1000 square feet of flooring a day in the residential setting and even more in the commercial or industrial setting!
      Common Flooring We Remove
      At Your Service


      When it comes to removing tile, the process can get dirty fast so our team works in sections at a time to make sure we keep the area as clean as possible, even masking the walls if necessary to keep them dust-free. The tile must be broken up using chisels and hammers, breaking them up into smaller fragments. As for the underlying mortar, it can either be broken up with hammers or ground off the concrete, grinding being the cleaner but more expensive option.


      With hardwood flooring, the process can be fast and efficient with the use of a mechanical floor scraper if the flooring has been glued down or the use of crowbars and hammers can be used for hardwood floors that have been nailed down. The method we use vastly depends on the way the hardwood was installed or the size of the area that needs to be torn up. No matter what, any nails or residues left behind after the removal of the wood will also be removed.


      A concrete coating is a material that builds thickness on the top of the concrete and in order to remove them we have a few options at our disposal. For example, a concrete overlay can be removed mechanically through sandblasting, bead blasting, diamond wheel grinding or sanding its surface. The option we use will depend on your budget, the size, and the thickness of the coating. But if another concrete coating is used over the surface, the old coating has a chance to show through depending on the coating.


      The removal of carpet can be a dirty and unhealthy process so we always come prepared with dust masks and long sleeve shirts. To start, we pull the carpet up in one corner of the room, separating it from the tack strip and cutting it in easy to handle sections. After the carpet and carpet padding has been removed, we remove the tack strips if unusable or carpet is no longer being used in the area with metal floor scrapers. If any glue is present, it is also removed.

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      Our team has been removing flooring for our neighbors in Las Vegas for decades!
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      Who We Are
      Dedication Personified
      We Are Las Vegas’s Highest Rated Floor Removers!
      Here at Floor Removal Las Vegas, we have one goal, to leave all of our customers 100% satisfied. We work hard every day to get your nasty old flooring out of your home or business and even offer the service of hauling all of the debris off of your property! Need a floor removed to make way for a new one? Give our team a call today for a free quote!
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      Concrete Scarifying
      Extreme Scenarios
      A concrete scarifier is a tool that we use to remove decorative coatings on concrete. Unlike diamond wheel grinding, a concrete scarifier is a very aggressive tool, leaving behind deep grooves in the surface of the concrete, sometimes even exposing the coarse aggregate in the slab.
      We only recommend the use of concrete scarifying when a thicker coating is being placed over the concrete, typically from 5/8ths to 1 inch in thickness. This is because if a micro-topping were to be used, the waves of the scarification process would show through the coatings.
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      Surface Preparation
      The Steps We Take To Make Sure Your Surface Is Ready To Go!
      We start with a walkthrough of the concrete slab, whether it be the sub-flooring of your home or a loading area in your industrial facility. We go through to identify any cracks, high or low areas and take a measurement of how much material is on the flooring.
      We then identify any problem areas that could affect the future flooring that will be going over the concrete slab. If cracks are present, we can repair them. We then look for high and low spots on the slab that could affect the finish and make the concretes surface level. Stains are also removed.
      We either grind its surface or remove any residues that are left on the concrete from the previous flooring system. This is done with concrete scarifiers, diamond wheel grinding, solvents or floor scrapers to make sure your concrete is ready for any flooring.
      The Full Process
      Property Assessment
      We take note of everything you have in the room, we account for cabinetry, furniture and any appliances in the room before we start the removal process of the flooring. We make sure to mask anything that is prone to dust but we ask that any larger furniture on the flooring we will be removing be moved to a different location while we work.
      Grinding & Finishing
      If you have used a decorative concrete coating or tile, there will be thin-set or cementitious materials still left behind after the flooring has been removed. This is why our team uses the process of grinding, scarification or scrapping to make sure your concrete is ready for the next flooring. This can be a loud process which is why you might want to plan it for when you are not home!
      Floor Removal
      Depending on the flooring type you have installed and the size of the area, we can get your project done in as little as 1-2 days! WE know the best methods for removing flooring like hardwood, tile, carpet, epoxy and more! We will try our hardest to keep the area dust-free but if dust is unavoidable, we can mask off the room we are working in from the rest of the house!
      Hauling & Disposal
      Nobody wants to come home to a house full of debris. This is why our team will remove the debris from the home as we go, using our own dumpsters to remove materials from the house so you won’t have to worry about spending a weekend cleaning your home! We also work with dustless systems when possible so you won’t have to worry about dust!
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      The Types Of Flooring Removal
      What We Can Remove!
      Industrial Roofing
      Industrial Buildings
      TPO Roofing
      Manufacturing Plants
      TPO Roofing Systems
      Schools & Universities
      Metal Roofing
      Agriculture Buildings
      EPDM Roofing
      Indoor Sports Facilities
      Apartment Complexes
      Apartment Complexes
      Residential Homes
      Residential Homes
      Strip Malls
      Strip Malls
      Reasons Why
      You Should Choose Us!
      Our team has decades of combined experience working with flooring removal in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.
      No matter what, your first call to us will be answered by a friendly member of our staff. We don’t want you to be a one time customer, we want you to be a lifelong client.
      Hard Working
      We know how much of a hassle it can be to have construction going on in your home, this is why our team works hard every day to make the project as short as possible.
      Our team uses state of the art dust extractors on our tools, making the environment virtually free of dust when we are removing flooring or grinding concrete.
      Our Happy Clients
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      Have Some Questions?
      We have answers down below!
      How Much Does Floor Removal Cost?
      When it comes to the removal of your old flooring, the price is a broad range. The final cost will come down to the type of flooring that is being removed, how much of the flooring there is and how the flooring has to be removed. Additional costs may include the hauling of debris but besides that, our team is very upfront with pricing. Just so you know what to expect, the average price to have an old flooring removed ranges from $8-$13 a square foot.
      Why Should I Hire A Professional?
      One of the biggest reasons we think that you should hire a professional is simple, it’s a lot of work! Floor removal takes time, patience and strength if you want it to be done right and not cause damage to your property. Also, we can save you money! Our machinery can become very expensive if you rent it but our team has it on hand and ready to get to work! We also have experience removing flooring so we know exactly what to do, saving you time!
      Why Would I Remove My Flooring?
      One of the biggest reasons why we see so many homeowners make a change in the flooring department is because they grow tired of the flooring system they’ve had for years! Not only can you get tired of your flooring, but it can also become worn out on systems like hardwood or carpet, making the flooring extremely uncomfortable to walk on. In commercial and industrial settings, the same thing applies, flooring simply becomes worn out in these areas and needs to be removed and reinstalled to avoid damaging the supporting concrete slab.


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