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Home Demolition
Our professionals are here to help you with your home plans
There are several reasons why our residential clients call us to demolish their homes! There isn’t a one size fits all, so call our team to get started with your plans.
Home demolition is more than just smashing walls, ripping out floors, and roof collapsing! Our team is made up of experienced professionals. Don’t trust just anyone with your home project and plans! We offer affordable prices, quick results, and honest work.
For more information about your future home demolition, call our professionals, for more information about all of our services head over to our home page.
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    When is Home Demolition Necessary?
    More reasons than one!
    Our residential clients come to us with a slew of issues that cause concern! When it comes to home demolition you could not be in better hands because we know when and why a home needs to come down.
    Sometimes a home has become a hazard for fires and asbestos when these two issues are of a concern, you need someone who knows how to handle them properly. Another big reason we have residential clients call us for home demolition is the fact that homes age and they become irreparably damaged.
    Regardless of what your reasons are for home demolition, we are highly qualified and trained for it all. Let us help you with whatever your plans are moving forward.
    The yellowing of a linoleum commercial floor is due to frequent sunlight exposure, so areas where the floor will be seeing frequent sun will need periodic flooring removals. Our team is quick and efficient whenever the time comes to remove your linoleum flooring. Our meticulous process is fast and affordable.

    Reasons Why Home Demolition Is Necessary
    Don’t wait to call us!
    • Repairs can be extremely expensive, even more so than demolishing the home altogether. If the structure is condemned rebuilding can be the most affordable option for long-term happiness.
    • When the cost of your repairs exceeds the cost of the home, it is time to knock it down!
    • If you’ve purchased a property and the home currently residing on it is now what you envisioned. Make a custom home by removing the one that is already there.
    • Houses become unsafe as they age! This is not a rare occasion. Uninhabitable homes can occur for so many reasons, but if this happens the best option is to remove the house and start from scratch.
    • Home infestation can be a reason our clients decide to terminate their current home’s life and breed a new. Opportunistic critters are real!
    When Demolition is out of your hands!
    Sometimes, it is out of your hands
    • “Heritage homes” cannot be demolished unless you’re willing to battle local, state, and even some federal laws.
    • The local building codes in the Las Vegas area need to ensure that our work is acceptable, and we will do our research!
    • When the government has considered the building a public safety. Whether you’ve decided it is or not.
    Home demolition can be out of your hands if the alternative is unsafe, infested, violating building codes, or if the home is protected by the law. Call our professionals and let us help you find out if your home can be demolished and what codes are set in place!


    When to rebuild and when to renovate?
    Know your options
    There are some questions you need to ask yourself before you consider either option of renovation or demolition. Some of those questions are:
    • Is demolition even possible where I am? This is a question that you can ask with us because there are occasions where planning laws, historical homes, areas, and/or property cannot be torn down.
    • Are your changes really big or can they be accomplished by simply adding on to your home?
    • If your home workable? Do you need completely new rooms and fixtures? Sometimes the renovations are far too extensive, and demolition is much more affordable and realistic.
    • Come into this with a plan! Don’t tear your home down unless you have a clear plan of what you want and how to get it.

    Sometimes renovation is the best option because what you’re looking for is quick and doesn’t impact the entire home. There are circumstances when an expansion is possible without demolition; however, if you aren’t ready to accept that renovation brings with it a much higher price tag, call our team to learn more.

    Why Us?
    There are different demolition techniques!
    You have to find what type of home demolition is right for you! Some demolition processes can be done by our team doing it the deconstruction way, which means, our team will take the house apart by hand. Most of our clients require home demolition by mechanical demolition because it is faster and much more affordable. Our team will have the permits required, the inspection of your home completed, the tools and machinery necessary, and the technique to ensure the demolition is done 100% correctly the first time around.
    We offer:
    • Affordable pricing
    • Licensed professionals
    • 100% customer satisfaction
    • The tools required for demolition
    • Quick results
    Don’t trust just anyone with your home demolition! Here in Las Vegas, our team has the best reputation when it comes to efficient affordable work. Our professionals are meticulous and efficient. Don’t wait, call now!



    Our service areas

    Floor Removal Las Vegas serves home owners in South nevada and select Utah Locations. Our major service areas include:
    • Las Vegas
    • Henderson
    • Summerlin
    • North Las Vegas
    • Boulder City
    • Pahrump
    • Mesquite
    • St. George
    • Utah
    Find your questions below!
    If you can’t find your question and answer below, call our professionals.
    Does my home have asbestos? How can I check?
    We will need property records for your home and check the area in which you live because the date of your home’s construction will give our professionals an indication of your home is contaminated.
    Who can perform a demolition?
    This complex task should be completed by a professional team. There are details, like site clearances, and structural inspections that need to be checked off. Our team is more than ready to complete these tasks. Our licensed team will complete the entire demolition efficiently and affordably.
    How long will a home demolition take?
    Once the clearances and the permits have been acquired, the property has been properly vacated, and the plans are completed, home demolition can take a couple of days. Extreme weather changes or unforeseen variables can affect this timeline, so it is important to begin a project of this magnitude with sufficient time.
    Can materials from demolishing my home be recycled?
    Yes! There are a few popular items that are recycled after all is said and done. Most recycled materials are brick, timber, doors, and even materials for windows.