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Home Demolition
Our professionals are here to help you with your home plans
There are several different companies in the Las Vegas area that offer demolition services; however, none of them work with you the way we do. Our team is dedicated to making your demolition experience a breeze.
With decades of combined experience, we will demolish residential and commercial properties at affordable prices with the best crew in Nevada! Our team is here to offer quick and professional services to all of our clients who need them.
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    Signs You Need a Demolition
    Popular reasons why demolitions are necessary.
    Residential and commercial buildings all have a lifespan. Whether that lifespan is 100-years or 10-years, it all comes together. Exposure to weather, storms, termites/pests, asbestos, leaks, etc. all of these things can force your hand into a demolition. Some other common reasons why a demolition would need to occur is if your home or business is encroaching on preserved lands or if dangerous gas or water lines are too close for comfort.
    Our team has been called out to a home or business for every situation imaginable. We want you to feel confident in our hands and with our work.
    With common and uncommon situations becoming normal for our professionals, you can fully believe we will deliver the results you’re looking for. If you’re looking for “by hand” demolition call our professionals and if you’re wanting a mechanical demolition, call our professionals. Help us work with you, regardless of the reasons why you’re demolishing the property.
    Common Reasons Why Full Home Demolition Occurs
    Residential Demolition Reasons:
    • Home Maintenance: it is important to regularly check gas lines, city codes, and other house demands that go into maintaining a functioning home. Check and remove pests, like termites, that can make your home unlivable if the situation escalates.
    • Natural Disasters: Tornados, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters can make a home unsafe to live in. Depending on the extent of the damages, we will have to remove the entire home so that it can be rebuilt.
    • Homes Birthday: Guess what? If your home is old enough to be considered unsafe by the city, we will have to remove it! This is public safety and personal safety issue and falls out of your hands and ours.
    Common Reasons for Full Commercial Demolition Occurs
    Commercial Demolition Reasons:
    • Foundational Issues: things like cracking floors, broken floorboards, and degrading materials are signs that the building is coming to its end. Our team can consult you on these details.
    • The Age: Some historic buildings cannot legally be torn down, so please check with city codes and guidelines, if you want to work with us, we will ensure all of this research has been done. But if the building is aging, we will work with you!
    • Dangerous Materials: things like asbestos will require a building to be completely demolished. It requires a professional team to complete this job properly, call us now to get more information.
    • Changes in codes or zoning: sometimes regulations change and building owners are forced to demolish their building. If you demolish a building due to these circumstances, many of our past clients have chosen to rebuild abiding by the new codes.
    • Plans to sell: Sometimes clients want to sell the lot their building is on and to do so they have to have the building completely demolished.
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    Full Residential Demolition
    Demolition Benefits
    What are the full benefits of a residential demolishment?
    Sometimes you want a demolished home and other times it isn’t up to you! We are there for both and we want you to know that there is a lot of good that comes with hiring us to work on your home:
    • Safety: without a professional team checking off the safety precautions before demolishing a home, injury and possible death are highly possible, so don’t trust just anyone. We have the equipment and experience to demolish your home properly.
    • Local Law: we will research city and state laws before coming to your home. We will know your rights as a homeowner and will translate those back to you. No one likes paying heavy fines!
    • Eco-Friendly: that’s right! Hiring our team means you’re making an eco-friendly choice. We use better demolition technology than many of our competitors and we will recycle the demolished material.
    • Technology: this is not the lightest task. You need to hire a team who knows what they’re doing and we’re that team. We have all of the equipment required and the experience to handle it.
    • Waste Management: this is important for local demolition companies, like us. We will ensure that the waste products are handled appropriately, making that one less thing you need to deal with.
    Full Commercial Demolition
    Demolition Benefits
    State and Local Law: you cannot cut corners when it comes to building codes and regulations. Poorly constructed buildings or buildings encroaching on any forbidden territory will have to be demolished and we are the team to ensure all codes and rules are met while doing the demolition.
    • Safety: We hold our safety and yours very seriously. Our team is equipped with the tools needed to make an area safe to work in and the tools needed to keep ourselves safe in the process. You do not need to handle any of those costs when you work with us!
    • Equipment and Techniques: regardless of what type of demolition you’re looking for, when you hire our professionals you don’t have to worry about the equipment required. We come fully ready to take on the challenge.
    • Perimeter: we will set up an area that will ensure citizens stay away from the danger zone. This is a benefit only offered to build owners who hire our team!
    • Health and Environment: there are building hazards and materials and substances that can be hazardous to the surrounding population’s health. Demolition requires a team that knows how to handle gas, asbestos, and other chemicals that be harmful to others who are exposed to them.

    Our service areas

    Floor Removal Las Vegas serves home owners in South nevada and select Utah Locations. Our major service areas include:
    • Las Vegas
    • Henderson
    • Summerlin
    • North Las Vegas
    • Boulder City
    • Pahrump
    • Mesquite
    • St. George
    • Utah
    Full Demolition
    Find your questions and answers below! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check out our home page for more information.
    Who should perform demolitions?
    A professional company should always be the one to perform a demolition! The tasks are complex, and the overall project takes more experience then you think. Local and state governments require licensure and regulations met before any work can commence.
    How long to demolition take?
    This answer can depend on the possible chemicals in the home, gas lines, and how big the area being demolished is. The area has to be properly vacated and weather conditions can play a large role in the timeline. But generally, only a couple of days.
    Can I see what is happening from the inside?
    Unfortunately, by law, while an active site is being untaken, you must observe from beyond the clearance zone. This is for your safety and the safety of other onlookers. If you want us to take before and after pictures of what is happening, you can talk to our professionals and see if that is something they can do on your particular site.
    How is commercial demolition different from residential?
    Residential and commercial demolition share a lot of the same qualities because we still have codes and regulations to abide by. Other similarities occur during the actual process which can be similar for buildings and homes. We may need a bigger team and more hands-on work from larger more complex buildings then we would for a home.