Linoleum Flooring Removal

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Linoleum Removal
We remove residential and commercial linoleum flooring
Asphalt shingles have a lot to offer. This type of roof is affordable, durable, and easily customized with dozens of styles and colors.
Asphalt roofs account for the greatest share of residential roofs in the United States because, along with their fairly low cost, they fit well with most types of homes.
While an asphalt shingle roof will not offer the same durability and long life as a metal or tile roof, it can still offer good protection against the elements without breaking your budget.
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    Commercial Linoleum Flooring Removal
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    In a business area, it is important to remember that your foot traffic will vary on a daily basis. Your guests and clients will wear different shoes and bring different items into your space that have the potential of ruining your floors. We are often called to remove linoleum floors because of indentations, stains, yellowish pigmentation, moisture damage, or a constant slippery surface! Other times, our team is called because a business owner simply wants a new look.
    The yellowing of a linoleum commercial floor is due to frequent sunlight exposure, so areas where the floor will be seeing frequent sun will need periodic flooring removals. Our team is quick and efficient whenever the time comes to remove your linoleum flooring. Our meticulous process is fast and affordable.

    Reasons Why Linoleum Floors Are Removed
    Commercial Clients
    If you own a business that sees frequent high heels or furniture movements, you may want to consider inspecting your linoleum floor because damage can easily be caused by these sharp objects. Our team will be there quickly with the necessary tools to remove your damaged floors immediately.
    Commercial kitchens regularly call upon our professional flooring removers because their natural linoleum floor has succumbed to damages caused by moisture. The last things our clients want in their professional kitchens are mold and mildew due to excess moisture within their floor. We will ensure that the flooring and the mold have been successfully removed before we finish our project.
    Reasons Why Linoleum Floors Are Removed
    We have clients who simply want a new style of flooring and call us to have their floors removed. We take our projects with great pride and deliver the best results in Las Vegas. If you’re needing a scenery change, call our team, we will remove your old floors so you can choose your new ones!
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    Our Process for Removal
    How do we do it?
    Our removal process may vary depending on location, condition, and placement of the linoleum flooring, but you can typically expect the following process/steps:
    • Start cutting into the linoleum flooring with a razor knife. Our professionals will have more than one on them.
    • A heat source of our team’s choice will be used to soften the flooring adhesive and remove the flooring.
    • If hot water was used by our team, they will mop it up.
    • The strips our team cut earlier with the razor knife will be removed using a scraper.
    • Our team will use their knife to scrap off any adhesive left on the concrete base.
    • We will pour hot water on your naked floors.
    • After a short break, we will mop up the floors to clean any residue.

    Our process may vary, and steps in between may be shorter or longer depending on how the floors are responding to our removal methods. Our professionals are quick and efficient with their time so you will be ready to have a new flooring system installed in no time!

    Common Residential Issues with Linoleum
    Residential Linoleum
    Many of our residential clients have linoleum floors removed for many of the same reasons our commercial clients do! These floors were launched into the public eye with the minimalist and eco-friendly movement but do require care that not everyone has time for. Some of the common reasons our residential clients call to have us remove their floors include:
    • Moisture damage in their bathroom or kitchen.
    • Improper and irregular floor sealing which protects it from staining and other common damages.
    • Poorly installed floors! This is all too common and then we are called to remove the floors altogether.
    • Linoleum floors are not good for homes with many children or pets because they do dent very easily.
    • Dark and yellow spots as the years go on.
    For the most part, our residential clients need aesthetic improvements and removals. Our professionals can help remove any floor that is no longer serving its purpose in your home.


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    Our service areas

    Floor Removal Las Vegas serves home owners in South nevada and select Utah Locations. Our major service areas include:
    • Las Vegas
    • Henderson
    • Summerlin
    • North Las Vegas
    • Boulder City
    • Pahrump
    • Mesquite
    • St. George
    • Utah
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    Why should I hire you to remove my floors?
    Linoleum flooring should not be removed by anyone other than a professional if you ever want to install different flooring. Underneath most floors is a concrete base that needs to care for and cleaned properly that our professionals know how to do. When it comes to large projects like this, hire the professionals because they have the skills, the tools, and the resources to ensure it is done correctly the first time around.
    How long will it take to remove my linoleum flooring?
    This is one of the very things we cannot guarantee! Our team is extremely meticulous with every job they do and other factors that we have no control over may stand in our way to complete removal quickly. Details like how large the area we are removing linoleum flooring, what condition the floors are in, how they were installed, and so much more can change our time rates. We promise to remove floors quickly and efficiently with every job we take on, but every floor is unique and requires different details.
    When should I consider having my linoleum floors removed?
    Great questions! This is something that can be a personal choice or a necessary decision depending on the reasons why you want to remove your floors. If the choice is done because you have moisture damage or mold is growing then you will need to have the floors removed, if you’re looking for aesthetic changes then removing the floors can be an option. Either way, removing your floors is a decision that depends on circumstance.
    Are there other eco-friendly options for flooring if I remove my linoleum floors?
    Yes! There are plenty of other flooring options that are just as eco-friendly if not more! You do not have to keep an aging floor installed simply because you want the eco-friendliness about it.