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Granite Tile Removal
Our floor removal experts are licensed and certified.
Granite is a timeless, natural stone that people have loved for decades. However, there are circumstances when removing it is the only way to redesign your home or business.
Making changes to your home or business is great because you can create an entirely new impression. Even if you’re only changing your flooring, it makes a tremendous difference in the look of your space.
The problems occur, however, when your project begins. How do you remove the granite without damaging anything? What type of equipment is needed to remove granite? That’s where Floor Removal Las Vegas comes in.
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    Granite Flooring Removal
    Our floor removal process is designed to be fast, easy, and affordable.
    There’s a reason that home and business owners put off tile removal for so long. It a process that can be messy, time-consuming, and complex. Floor Removal Las Vegas is here to help. Our team delivers a professional solution that’s quick, simple, and affordable. We employ specialized equipment that enables us to remove tiling without creating dust buildup. Our equipment is designed to remove granite, cement board, and underlayment. We care about the quality of your property. Our granite removal methods guarantee that we complete your floor removal safely. Our team of skilled specialists keeps this process simple and straightforward. When you call Floor Removal Las Vegas, you can expect high-quality, cost-efficient results.



    Residential Granite Removal
    If you’re in need of granite tile removal, let us help!
    Your granite flooring isn’t meant to last forever. After decades of regular wear and tear in your home, it may look out of place. Scratched, worn, and broken tiles can take away from the appearance of your room. Imperfections such as these can easily draw the attention of visitors to your house as soon as they walk through the door. Flooring Removal Las Vegas can handle removing your granite tile flooring, no matter the size or condition! Our methods for granite removal service help us maintain the efficiency of your project, empowering you as the homeowner to go on with your regular life as swiftly as possible. By circumventing the use of chemicals, we eliminate the need for drying time while keeping the removal eco-friendly.
    Commercial Granite Removal
    If your business is changing up its look, call us to help!
    If you are looking for commercial tile removal options, our industry-leading floor removal contractors are available to complete your flooring removal overnight or during the time your business is usually closed. In doing so, we can assure you that you will have your new flooring surface installed as soon as possible. Using commercial grade flooring removal equipment, we can complete even large-scale removals in a brief amount of time. All of our floor removal services are achieved with cutting-edge technology that provides a dust-free work environment. This signifies a dust-free workspace you will not have to move from while we perform our work! Other flooring removal services may leave dust behind that can harm you and your employees. We strive to provide the highest-quality service available.
    Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate on any of your flooring removal needs. We ensure top-quality work at affordable prices!


    Reasons to Remove Your Granite Flooring
    Not sure if it’s time to remove your flooring? Here are some reasons to help.
    If you’re considering removing your granite flooring system, you may want to have some viable reasons for undertaking such a project. Numerous broken or damaged granite tiles can constitute a floor removal project. Living with a floor that is damaged or has broken pieces can be a hazardous living or working environment. Granite is also a heavy material to use on any surface, despite is beauty and durability. There’s a chance your subfloor wasn’t strong enough to handle the weight of granite. If you’ve noticed your floor beginning to sag, it may be time to remove your granite floor. Maintaining granite can be a costly and time-consuming responsibility. It could be time to replace your floor if you’re tired of dealing with the tedious maintenance of granite flooring.
    Perhaps you’re just ready to bring in a crisp, new look to your home or business. If that’s your plan, removing your existing granite flooring system can produce dramatic visual results for your space. Is your business facility or office building undergoing a rebranding? This type of major overhaul necessitates a flooring removal project in order to keep with the newly designed theme of your space. If you plan on expanding the space of your home or business complex, it may be more viable to remove your flooring system. Without a flooring removal, it could prove difficult to patch into the old floor after completing expansion. If any of these reasons have described your situation or plans, you should consider granite floor removal.
    Benefits of Granite Floor Removal
    There are a variety of benefits for professionally removing your granite flooring.
    Removing your own flooring may not sound overly complicated, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do alone. In truth, it’s still quite troublesome and time-consuming. Employing our floor removal services accomplishes the same basic task of removing the floor but achieves this in a way that is much more beneficial to you.
    If you choose to remove your own floors, it’s your responsibility to protect the rest of your space as well. You will need to shield furniture, appliances, walls, and other floors that cannot be moved. Moreover, the project waste can create difficulties for your home or business if not disposed of properly. Professional floor removal services take care of this for you.
    Depending on the needs of your home or business when you begin the job floor removal yourself, the entire process can last days or weeks. Removing granite requires so much cutting and prying that you may not finish in a timely manner. After removing the flooring material, you still have to go over the whole space again to remove any residue nails and perform a thorough cleaning. We can remove your granite flooring in a much shorter timeframe.


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    Have any questions about our granite removal services?
    Do you have questions about our methods for granite flooring removal? Here are a few commonly asked questions we hear from customers. If you require any more information, feel free to give us a call!
    Do I need to have furniture or appliances moved beforehand?
    Although it is nice to have furniture and appliances out of the way from the beginning of a project, you are not obligated to do so. We are more than happy to assist in moving these items for you in order to begin the floor removal process. Our utmost concern is you and your satisfaction. If you are unable to move heavy furniture and cumbersome appliances, we can handle it.
    How long will this removal take to complete?
    Every Job is different; but usually, we can have your granite floor removal done in a single day. Our expertly trained floor removal contractors strive to get your floor removal project completed as quickly as possible while maintaining the best quality of work that we’re known for providing. So long as we don’t come across any major structural damage or similar problem, you can expect quality results in a timely fashion.
    Do you protect furniture with plastic sheeting before starting the granite removal project?
    We protect your vanities, kitchen cabinets, furniture and appliances with plastic sheeting before the granite floor removal, we also place plastics on entryways to keep dust accumulation to a minimum. It’s important to remember that floor removal of any type is a remodeling task and there will be some dust. Our professionals with Floor Removal Las Vegas are going to do their best to keep the dust down. Placing protective plastics is included in our standard service, therefore you don’t have to pay extra for this.
    If the job proves to be more difficult, will my price go up?
    No, our prices are upfront and agreed upon after inspection of your existing flooring system. We will not surprise you with hidden or extra fees after we begin the process. Our customers come first and we simply have no intention of pulling a fast one on you. That’s why Floor Removal Las Vegas is one of the most trusted, reliable floor removal companies in the area.