Terrazzo Removal

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Terrazzo Floor Removal
Our floor removal specialists are highly trained to help with all your floor removal needs.
Terrazzo floors can be a stunning addition to your home, but sometimes they reach their limit or you may simply be ready for a change.
That’s where our company comes in. Our trusted team of expert floor removal contractors are ready to take on any floor removal project you need, including terrazzo flooring.
We strive to complete every terrazzo floor removal project completed in a timely, affordable fashion. We come equipped with the proper tools and equipment to get the job completed in the safest, quickest way possible.
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    Our process for terrazzo floor removals
    Information to give you an inside look at our methods
    Terrazzo tile is composed of a blend of highly polished small stone pieces bonded together. These sorts of tiles are incredibly durable and are frequently employed in areas that have ample amounts of foot traffic. Removing a terrazzo floor is a tad more complex than other varieties of tile flooring because the tiles themselves are much heavier and thicker. We will use a hammer drill to remove most of the terrazzo. First, we will remove anything from the room that can become damaged and cover anything else with drop cloths. Once we know everything is safe, we will begin the removal starting at one end of the room. Our team will begin to chisel the tile up and remove it as they go until the entire room is finished.



    Reasons to Consider Removal
    Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind considering a terrazzo floor removal.
    If you’re thinking about removing your terrazzo flooring, but perhaps you’re unsure if it’s the right decision for your home or business, let’s examine some of the reasons it may be time for a change. Terrazzo tile can break, especially if it wasn’t installed properly. If your floor is becoming riddled with cracks and chips throughout, it’s definitely time to consider having it removed. Cracked and chipped terrazzo can be a major hazard in your home or business, causing trips and even cuts for those walking barefoot on its surface. Not to mention, a worn terrazzo floor doesn’t convey the impression you’ll want to give guests or clients. It may simply be time for an update to liven up your space
    The Benefits of Removing a Terrazzo Floor
    Like the removal of any floor, removing terrazzo has plenty of benefits
    If you choose to have us remove your terrazzo flooring, the benefits are certainly there for this type of project. By removing your outdated flooring, you’re freeing up much-needed space in your home or business to add your own touch of creativity. By simply removing and replacing your floor, you’ll be saving time and money on costly repairs and maintenance that are necessary for a worn terrazzo floor. Not to mention, if your terrazzo is in need of a full-blown restoration, you could be in for an expensive, time-consuming process. Removal is the all-around economical choice in these scenarios while providing you with the creative freedom to truly make your home or business your own.
    We always tend to recommend our professional floor removal services for any removal project. Floor removals can be a tedious, delicate project at times and require the touch of a highly trained professional.


    Residential Terrazzo Removal
    Our team is fully prepared to remove this flooring from your home.
    If your home is in need of a terrazzo floor removal, our team is here to help. Terrazzo floors can become stained over the years spent in your home. They can chip away and crack, creating an unsafe environment for the friends and family you would like to have over. When this happens, the smartest choice is to have it removed and replace it with a newer floor that better accommodates your home environment. Our homes can be a representation of ourselves, don’t let your worn, broken floor define you or your space. We’re only a call away to help you make your house a home with our residential floor removal services.

    Our team of qualified floor removal experts comes fully equipped to handle any and all of your floor removal needs. No matter the expanse of your project, whether it’s a single room or the entirety of the flooring in your home is needing to be removed, we can handle it. We have the necessary tools, equipment, knowledge, and experience that are pertinent to a fast, perfectly executed floor removal. Our crew’s number one priority is your satisfaction with your home and they will do everything they can to get the job done and have you prepared for the next step in your home remodeling journey.


    Commercial Terrazzo Removal
    We provide our high-quality floor removal services to all the businesses in our service areas
    We know that in order for a business to keep with the times, upgrades are necessary once in a while. That’s why we’re happy to provide our expert terrazzo removal services to all our neighboring business owners. Don’t stand by and watch your business fall to the wayside because of your worn, outdated floors.
    Your floors are one of the first things a person notices when walking into your establishment. By removing your old terrazzo floors, you can open up your commercial facility to the possibilities in flooring. You can better incorporate your brand’s colors with a new floor and give your customers and clients that all-important first impression that you’ve been wanting to provide.
    Our trusted company is proud to service all of the surrounding areas businesses and commercial facilities. If your commercial space is in need of removing the tired, worn terrazzo throughout it, we are the best in the business for commercial flooring removal. We always come prepared and on time to help your business be the best it can be. Our vast experience in floor removal has afforded us the opportunity to work in many different businesses. We understand the importance of your time and that’s why we work around your schedule.


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    Floor Removal Las Vegas serves home and business owners in Southern Nevada and select Utah locations. Our major service areas include:
    • Las Vegas
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    You have questions, we have answers.
    If you have any questions regarding the removal of terrazzo flooring or our services, we’re here to help. We’re also just a call away if you have any additional questions.
    Why should I hire a professional to remove my terrazzo?
    Hiring a trained professional to perform your floor removal can be one of the most important decisions you make during your project. All floor removal jobs can be a delicate process that requires high attention to detail. Our skilled specialists know exactly what they’re doing during the removal of your terrazzo flooring. There’s absolutely no guesswork involved when you hire a professional contractor such as us. Terrazzo can also be a heavy flooring option, therefore, it’s always safer to leave projects like this to the pros.
    Are your floor removal services dust-free?
    Put quite frankly, no. Although no floor removal company is truly dust-free. It’s possible to lessen the amount of dust that accompanies floor removal jobs, however, there is no such thing as “dust-free.” Any outfit that claims to be totally dust-free is more than likely bending the truth to some degree. Removing floors generates a significant amount of dust that cannot be avoided. The best we, or anyone else, can do is try to decrease the amount of dust accumulation. Dust can be hazardous to breathe in, so we do our best to eliminate as much build up as we can for our clients. Upon finishing the removal itself, we always thoroughly clean the work-site to keep your space looking clean and to keep your health from becoming a concern.
    What do you do with the waste?
    You’ll never have to worry about the leftover waste from your flooring removal project. We will always take care of all the debris from the removal of your terrazzo floor, or any other flooring removal. We haul the waste out of your home or business as we remove it to prevent a buildup of debris that could inhibit the removal process or become a safety concern. Once it’s all out of your space and we have finished removing all of the floors you need to have torn out, we will haul away the remaining waste and dispose of it according to the local rules and regulations regarding the disposal of this type of flooring.
    My cabinets are installed on the flooring I want to be removed, will they need to be removed as well?
    No. We protect the cabinets during the removal process and have all the necessary tools to cut or remove flooring up to the bottom of the cabinets so that your new floor can be installed without issue. If your cabinets, or any other permanent fixture, are installed on the flooring set to be torn out, we will always take the required precautions to ensure the protection of these items while accurately removing your floor up to the base of these fixtures.