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Flooring removal is one of our many specialties! Our team has been in the business of floor installation and floor removal for decades and we have perfected our methods and techniques.
If you’re having trouble with your floors, don’t worry, because you aren’t stuck with them forever! Our professionals will come in and help you remove the issue quickly and efficiently.
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    Marbles floors delicate beauty draws many home and business owners into a trap they never saw coming. Although beautiful, these floors will cause issues in areas where foot traffic is high, animals are present, or young children are being raised. Marble floors are not what you expect, but do not remove them on your own.
    Marble floors are not the best fit for most homes and businesses because of their extensive care needs and their delicate nature. Our professionals are here to help you remove a floor that you either didn’t want or didn’t expect. Residential and commercial clients alike learn the hard way that marble is not the floor choice for them.

    Marble Floor Las Vegas

    Marble Flooring

    Marble Is A Complicated Surface
    Don’t trust just anyone!
    It is important to understand, the marble material is very tough, durable, and long-lasting. This surface is not one that you attempt to remove with tools you simply find in your garage. the proper way to remove and dispose of this surface requires industrial equipment that you cannot rent, including hand tools that ensure proper removal. Our goal, as professionals, is to leave the mortar that was used to hold the marble in place ready for its next round at life.
    When removing marble, it is going to be messy, especially if you’re attempting to remove the floors on your own! Our professionals will guarantee your home and/or business will be well taken care of during the removal process. We will line areas with plastic covers during the removal process and we will completely clean up the debris once we have finished the project, leaving your home just as we found it.
    Attempting to do this on your own can lead to injury, property damage, and an extensive clean-up post project.
    Why Choose Us?
    We offer so much more than just flooring removal
    As a local company to the Las Vegas area, our professionals have prided themselves in their incredible customer service. Our company aims to make each, and every client feel welcomed and comfortable with our invasion of privacy! We know we know that it may feel uncomfortable to have strangers working in your home! Our relationship begins with an in-person estimate so we can fully understand the importance of the job. We are here to serve you and we want you to feel comfortable with our services!
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    Common Issues with Marble Flooring
    Floor Removal Las Vegas
    Stone flooring is tricky all on its own but when the stone is marble, the issues intensify because although durable the surface does not aesthetically holdup against usage. Some common issues our clients come to us about are:
    Yellowing. This is a big issue for white marble floors because it just happens with age. Cracks. Stone can and does crack! Some common reasons include poor installation and if cracks grow large enough the floors will have to be removed.
    Pros of Having Your Marble Floors Removed
    Floor Removal Las Vegas, Nevada
    There are many reasons why it is beneficial to have your marble floors removed and sometimes not installed at all!


    Marble floors are much more beneficial when they are being removed because they require just as much attention during installation as they do for the rest of their maintenance. Marble flooring is not for areas that will be regularly used or for properties hoping to stay within a budget after installation. Call now to talk to our professionals about having your floors removed.
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    Floor Removal Las Vegas serves home and business owners in Southern Nevada and Select Utah Locations. Our Major service areas include:
    • Las Vegas
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    Find your questions and answers below
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    Are our marble floors hard to clean?
    Marble floors require an intensive and extensive cleaning regime because they do stain and yellow easily. Little actions can have drastic effects on your floor, so it is recommended that you remove the floors altogether if you’re not ready to slave over your floors.
    How can I protect my floors from being stained?
    Unfortunately, marble floors are commonly permanently stained! These floors do not clean easily and need constant sealing. Scratches and dull spots can allow liquids to leak into deeper portions of the stone and create stains that will not and cannot be removed.
    How long does marble keep its beauty?
    Highly used areas are not likely to keep their beauty for affordable prices! Our clients often complain that maintaining a marble floor ends up being more expensive than it was to initially install the surface. If you have an area that is frequently used, marble floors should be removed or avoided.
    Is marble flooring maintenance free?
    It is uncommon that any flooring material is maintenance-free, which makes marble a commonly removed surface is the cost of maintaining a beautiful surface. Aesthetically, floors do not show their beauty if they are dulling, scratched, or etching in any way. Marble likes to do all three of these, making maintenance and repairs a common occurrence for marble floor owners. Many of our clients prefer to simply remove the surface and install a floor that requires less time and care.