Commercial Demolition

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Commercial Demolition
Our expert demolition contractors are licensed and certified.
Whether you need an overhaul of your retail store, office building, or self-storage unit, our commercial demolition services are the best way to go!
We value your time and we provide our commercial demolition services in Las Vegas by making you our top priority. We know that any construction, renovation or demolition project is important to you.
Our company is fully accredited to provide commercial demolition services as licensed and insured demolition contractors, guaranteeing that we protect both you and our employees during every Las Vegas demolition project we begin.
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    Commercial Demolition Services
    Our demolition process is designed to give you total satisfaction.
    We provide a broad assortment of commercial demolition services to our clients and their needs in and around Las Vegas and select Utah locations. Our expert team of demolition contractors comes equipped with the skills and expertise essential to take on even the most intricate of demolition jobs.
    We are able to design a clear, precise method of action and execute it to completion to make sure every phase of your demolition project goes exactly as planned. We refuse to cut corners or rush our way through the process. When you hire our company for your demolition job you know that you’re getting the very best around.



    Reasons for Commercial Demolition
    There are times when maintaining a property is no longer worth the effort.
    One of the most effective ways of increasing a property’s value is by demolishing the existing building. Instead of letting the property go to waste, demolishing an aged structure and replacing it with a new one can help increase the market value, if you’re planning to sell.
    You may need to demolish your building if you’ve learned that it has a weak foundation. Over time, foundations can become brittle, floors become rough, and excessive moisture can develop in multiple areas. When these problems arise in a building, it can be more cost-efficient to demolish rather than renovate.
    Asbestos, lead, and mercury are a few of the toxic chemicals that can be detrimental to your health if in your facility. When these substances are detected in your building, partial or complete demolition may be needed following proper disposal of the chemicals. Moreover, abandoned buildings can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can also be detrimental to your health.
    Benefits of Professional Commercial Demolition
    There are many benefits to leaving demolition in the hands of professionals.
    Commercial construction and demolition regulations can be complex and it’s easy to miss something. Our demolition company has the licensing, experience, and training required to ensure that your project complies with all related federal and local regulations.
    Commercial demolition has many possible safety risks. However, the danger of injury is much higher for inexperienced people than for trained commercial contractors. When you hand the demolition over to our experienced specialists, you are protecting yourself from injury and you’ll be guaranteeing that your project is safer all around.
    When it comes to health and environmental hazards that can be found in older buildings and houses, you want to do more than merely comply with basic regulations. You also want to protect yourself, your property, and your local ecosystem. By hiring our demolition company, you’ll ensure that no environmental hazards can affect the environment or yourself and those around you.
    There are two main types of commercial demolition to use. They are partial demolition or whole building demolition. Each is designed to meet your specific goals and needs.


    Partial Commercial Demolition
    Partial demolition can be one section of a building or just the interior of your facility alone.
    In the realm of commercial demolition, it is not unheard of to need partial or interior demolition services only. Whether you need work done to your retail store, office building, or warehouse, partial demolition can be the best method to satisfy your needs.
    Commercial interior demolition is the process of clearing out the inside of your commercial space, typically with the purpose of changing how you want your space to be used. With stores, for example, this can mean rebranding and new layouts that could not be accomplished by a full remodel due to structures and layouts blocking your design. Our trained demolition contractors are highly skilled in performing interior demolition jobs and we have years of combined experience to ensure that your interior demolition is completed with perfection.
    Commercial partial demolition is the process of only removing certain parts of a building instead of the entire structure. The process involves removing walls and other elements without negatively altering the support of the complete structure or destroying the integrity of plumbing, electrical and cable systems. It’s frequently necessary before a remodeling project can begin to ensure that it comes to fulfillment as intended. There are a few situations that warrant a partial demolition. For example, if you plan on enlarging areas of your facility, you may need multiple walls demolished in order to do so. You may want to extend your business’s building to better accommodate your customers’ needs. Both of these situations describe a partial demolition. Our commercial demolition company can achieve the results you’re looking for without compromising your existing structure.
    Complete Commercial Demolition
    Complete commercial demolition is the demolition of an entire building or complex.
    For some business owners, gutting the interior or tearing down a part of their commercial building is not the best method to suit their needs. Instead, you may need the entire building knocked down. Our trusted demolition experts can help with this type of project as well. Our process for complete commercial demolition is ordinarily not so different than any demolition services we provide.
    The process begins by planning out our assignments to make sure everything is performed in the most reliable and safest means possible for everyone affected. After the plans are designed, we begin tearing down the building. This portion of the job is done with heavy-duty wrecking machinery, such as excavator equipment. We thoughtfully tear down the bulk of the structure with this method. We then use small equipment, like skid-steers, to remove the remaining sections of the commercial building.
    With any demolition project that we take on, the safety of you and our employees is one of our utmost concerns. Our services are meticulously engineered to ensure that our work is extremely efficient, yet remaining as safe as possible too. Every member of our team is informed of the exact procedures for the demolition. Keeping everyone involved on the same page maintains the safety, efficiency, and affordability of every project.


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    Floor Removal Las Vegas serves home and business owners in Southern Nevada and Select Utah Locations. Our Major service areas include:
    • Las Vegas
    • Henderson
    • Summerlin
    • North Las Vegas
    • Boulder City
    • Pahrump
    • Mesquite
    • St. George
    • Utah
    Have questions about our commercial demolition services?
    Do you have questions about partially or completely demolishing commercial buildings? The following are a few questions we generally hear from clients. We are only a call away if you have any additional questions.
    How do you dispose of the debris?
    A quality demolition job will generate remarkably little waste. This is because so much of the materials left over have a purpose in salvage and recycling. Roughly 90% of the materials from the average demolition project can be reused or recycled. These materials include concrete, brick, and porcelain. Metals including iron, steel, copper, brass or bronze, ceiling tiles, flooring, wiring, wood, and roofing materials can all be saved. We will take care to remove these materials so they can be recycled.
    What’s the difference between demolition and deconstruction?
    Deconstruction refers to maximizing the number of materials salvaged from a building by utilizing hand demolition and sorting materials throughout the process of tearing down a building. In actuality, demolition and deconstruction are astonishingly similar. As demolition contractors, we also take precautions to recover as many potentially reusable materials as possible. The only notable difference between the two is that demolition jobs are almost always much faster than deconstruction.
    How much does commercial demolition cost?
    Though it can be difficult to provide an average cost of demolition because the type of jobs we usually work can vary drastically from one another, the national average is $4 to $8 per square foot. Working on tearing down an office building can require less time and labor than an interior demolition of a mall complex. To obtain true, accurate pricing for your project, you give us a call to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific goals.
    Are there any requirements for commercial demolition?
    The Clean Air Act states that the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) regulations must be followed during any commercial building demolition or renovation. These regulations dictate that the owner or operator of the building should notify the proper state department before any demolition of structures that could contain a specific amount of asbestos can take place.