Pool Deck Demolition

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Pool Deck Demolition
Residential and Commercial Services provided
There are several different reasons why our clients call upon our services! One of those main services is pool deck demolition! Our professionals have the experience, skills, and patience to efficiently remove your pool deck, regardless of your reasons for removing the deck.
Our commercial and residential clients have different standards for their pool decks appearance and function, so if you feel like it is time for a change, call our team to learn more about our pool deck demolition process.
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    Commercial Pool Deck Demolition Signs
    What to look for when it is time to have your pool deck removed.
    Our commercial clients have pool deck areas that serve many different people, including clients and guests alike. There are many reasons why a professional property would want their pool deck completely removed and replaced, including basic aesthetics! If you own a business the last thing you want is a pool deck that is stained, suffering from discoloration and appearing to be falling apart.
    Commercial properties have certain safety standards that also need to be met, so when their pool decks begin to slack it can be simpler to have the entire thing replaced. Our team works very quickly and efficiently at the most affordable prices for all of our commercial clients. Don’t trust just anyone to remove your pool deck! Call us to learn more about our efficient and affordable services.

    Common Reasons
    Why Commercial and Residential properties remove their pool decks.
    • Algae Growth. Yes! Algae can be a leech on your pool deck and can penetrate deep into your pool deck. The best treatment for this is complete demolition.
    • Mold Growth. Whenever a surface is exposed to humidity and constant dampness the chances of mold growth are exponentially high. Mold can cause health problems and spread into your home if your pool deck is not removed.
    • Chipping paint. If your pool deck materials are not being properly protected, then they will damage. Chipped paint leaves your pool deck exposed and vulnerable to weather and chemical damage which causes irreparable issues.
    • Fading. Sometimes colors fade and our clients simply want a change.
    • Chemical stains. This type of tarnishing is difficult to conceal and looks very unprofessional, so many of our commercial clients have us completely demolish their pool deck.
    • Growing cracks. These types of damages cause foundation issues that can impact your entire pool area causing extremely expensive and long-term issues. Our clients call us when the foundation is in jeopardy.
    Residential Pool Deck Demolition
    Why do our residential clients call us for pool deck demolition?
    Simply put, many times our residential clients simply need a change of scenery, and in Las Vegas, we know they’re constantly utilizing their pool area. Sometimes you want your pool area to be your vacation spot and nothing crazy is wrong with the deck, that is okay! Our team knows how hectic life can get and having a vacation spot in your backyard is amazing.
    Sometimes, our residential clients are having issues that are starting to affect the well-being of their underground pools, the decks are cracking, or the sealers failed to work. Regardless of the issue, call our team and let us know how we can help you!
    We want to work with you to replace your pool deck area. Don’t want to call us! Head over to our home page to learn more about everything we offer.


    Our Steps
    Pool Deck Demolition Process
    Our team will deconstruct your pool deck! There are different ways we will proceed with their process because every deck is different! Essentially, we begin to remove any railings and balusters. Our team will then remove any deck boards that you do not want to be damaged quickly yet carefully. Any steps for the deck will also be removed and finally the joints, beams, and any support will be completely removed.

    With decades of combined experience, our team has perfected the process of pool deck demolition. We do not take up a lot of your time with our step by step! Our swift capabilities are the best in the Las Vegas area. Our techniques and equipment vary because we remove all types of pool decks including stone decks, wood decks, concrete decks, and so much more. For more information on what process we will undergo with your pool deck, call our professionals.

    Why Hire A Professional?
    Should this be a DIY project?
    DIY projects are great! But pool deck demolition is not one of those projects. Why? Our team is trained, licensed, and experienced for this type of project. We are not simply slamming large hammers into your deck! We carefully remove your pool deck materials while not completely demolishing the surrounding landscape. Our team has all of the required permits, tools, equipment, and expertise for this type of work.
    If you want to save money, DIY is not the way. Our team can guarantee the project will be done correctly the first time. You will need to purchase and purchase or rent equipment along with ensuring that the surface is repaired appropriately.
    We are quick and efficient with our time and yours. We will not invade your space or overcharge you for our services. Call our professionals to get started today.


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    Our service areas

    Floor Removal Las Vegas serves home owners in South nevada and select Utah Locations. Our major service areas include:
    • Las Vegas
    • Henderson
    • Summerlin
    • North Las Vegas
    • Boulder City
    • Pahrump
    • Mesquite
    • St. George
    • Utah
    Have questions? Check below!
    If you don’t see yours below, head over to our home page to learn more.
    How long does pool deck demolition take?
    This can vary depending on some factors. Depending on how many square feet your pool deck is, what material the deck is made of, and outside conditions like weather! Our team will work quickly and efficiently, typically you can expect anywhere between 2-6 hours but this is an estimate.
    How much will my pool deck cost to be demolished?
    Our average can range anywhere between $500-$1000. A lot of the pricing we have depends on the complexity of the work and the size of the deck.
    Why should I hire you guys?
    Hiring our team guarantees you will have a systematic approach to your pool deck removal. We will ensure that the surrounding area is not damaged, and we will not finish until the project is completed 100% to satisfactory. Our team is honest, licensed, affordable, and professional. DIY projects to this magnitude, on average, end up costing owners more money than if they would have called us in the first place! Just call, let’s talk.
    Will having my pool deck removed effect the value of my home?
    This is a tricky question seeing as pools and pool decks are known to add value to residential properties, especially in Las Vegas because of the never-dying heat; however, if your pool deck is falling apart and distracting from your beautiful home, then the chances of an increase in value are also extremely likely. If you plan on a demolition but also installing a new pool deck you will earn your money back!