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Industrial Demolition
Our commercial and industrial services are highly rated.
As a company that has been in the business for many years, our team comes highly rated. We offer quick results, affordable techniques, and high-end designs. Don’t wait to get in contact with our professionals today.
Our commercial and industrial clients are our pride and joy! We know how important it is to remove parts of a building or an entire building when you’re a business owner. Our group is made up of skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to results.
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    When is Demolition Necessary?
    The First Signs
    Demolishing a building is not cheap and it is not easy. This process requires great skill, effort, and planning for our team so we want you to be sure that the final product is what you’re looking for. Sometimes, demolition is a clear and true answer to building issues or new wants.
    We have clients who simply had no other choice other than to demolition their building because of city codes and safety hazards but we have also had clients who have simply wanted and needed a design change. Neither task is right! Whatever you need we can do.
    So, when does demolition become necessary? Not just for a new design project, but necessary for the well-being of your business and your community?



    New Buildings, Hazards, and More
    When demolition is necessary
    Sometimes, as buildings age, they become fire hazards and the city gets involved. Sometimes if there is fuel nearby or possible fire hazards due to old materials, our team can be called in. Similarly, buildings that contain asbestos require skilled and appropriate contractors to remove buildings and their debris appropriately.
    New buildings often require city codes and other rules to be checked and abided by. Any previously existing buildings in the spaces where new buildings are desired mean our team comes in to handle the job. We have to come in with our plans and remove the building altogether before any new plans being implemented or completed.
    Structures, Expansion, and Safety
    Don’t worry, we will get it done
    Other than the logistical obligations that are required for full building demolition, one of the biggest details/reasons we are called to demolish a building is a damage to pre-existing structures. Other than when our clients want us to demolish partial areas of a building to increase additional room space, damaged buildings often require our demolition techniques. Some buildings encroach on important plumbing lines and public transport areas and the city requires buildings removal.
    Whenever we are called to help a building expand the previously existing area needs to be demolished. We only ever recommend partial building demolition with our professional team who can keep all variables under control.


    What are the benefits?
    Demolition offers more than you think
    There are different benefits for building demolition, some of those being:
    • Generating jobs. Demolition, when you hire our company, generates work for real families and not large corporations.
    • Eco-friendly results. The materials that result after demolition can be reused.
    • More materials are provided to communities and small businesses.
    • Demolition reduces the number of greenhouse gasses emitted into our air.
    • Reduces dumping time and fees for owners.
    The benefits acquired by our clients and the local community after our demolition process has been completed range from economical gain to environmental protection.
    Our team offers our clients an unlimited amount of benefits outside of our company, like the eco-friendly possibilities of recycling most of the building materials; however, many of the benefits you gain by working with our team include affordability, dependability, professionalism, and guaranteed results. Your building is our priority, so let us work together to get it taken care of.
    Benefits of Using our Company
    Demolition is an art that our team has mastered
    Whether you needed a building expansion, or a building completely demolished, our team is the one you need to call. Why? Because hiring a professional business that is dedicated to your well-being comes with its perks.
    Our team knows exactly how to comply with city and area regulations. Our reputation proceeds us, we do not cut corners to finish a project quicker. We have our permits and the training required to know when materials and paperwork need to be handled in specific ways. Our team also holds extremely high standards for safety. Demolition is not a safe activity for those who are inexperienced, so our team ensures that every person has been properly suited up and trained.
    The best benefits of our professional services are the special techniques we use and the protective precautions we take during the demolition process.


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    Our Our Service Areasareas

    Floor Removal Las Vegas serves home and business owners in Southern Nevada and Select Utah Locations. Our Major service areas include:
    • Las Vegas
    • Henderson
    • Summerlin
    • North Las Vegas
    • Boulder City
    • Pahrump
    • Mesquite
    • St. George
    • Utah
    Find your questions below
    Do you have any questions we can answer? Find them below or call our professionals to learn more.
    What is interior demolition?
    This typically means a non-structural demolishing job. This typically means that the area is going to be reused and can be expanded upon for future renovations.
    What is industrial demolition?
    This is an act we take to dismantle a facility that is used for storage or the production of products. Our process is unique and complex but can also vary depending on the materials and substances that the facility operated with.
    What is a commercial demolition?
    When we are called for a commercial demolition we are called to the scene of many malls, hotels, office buildings, etc.
    What is the difference between demolition and deconstruction?
    The labor required for both of these processes varies and both techniques can result in large percentages of the material removed is recycled. There is very little difference other than the way we proceed and the time it takes to deconstruct manually versus using machinery.